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■ゲームデザイン・・・木皿儀 隼一
・ブック4冊  ・カード80枚
・チップ28枚  ・プレイシート1枚
・ルールマニュアル2枚(日本語/英語 各1枚)

希望小売価格 2,500円



●奥深き世界観! そしてそれを再現するアートワーク
世界観の設定協力としてカナイセイジ氏が参加。味わい深いフレーバーテキストがゲームへの没入感を高めてくれます。また、キャラクターデザインを近藤周作氏、ボックスアートをMatthias Catrein氏が担当。世界観をさらに広がりのあるものに仕上げてくれます。

パッケージデザインを担当されたMatthias Catrein氏からコメントを頂きました。

Last year in Essen I met the guys from Japon Brand first time. In this way they involved me with Hayato from OneDraw who asked me to make the cover illustration for his brand new game "Grimoire". We agreed soon on the deal and Hayato sent me first rough sketches about how the cover should be: A dragon on the left in a dungeon over his treasure - then the thief and warrior and on the right the wizard, holding his magical book: the grimoire. Additionally, I got two widely completed illustrations of the thief and warrior so I got the impression of how the look inside the game. I´m not familiar with the popular manga style and I guess Hayato knew this. So I started to make a sketch by my own in my own style. Hayato often remarked that he wants me to do it on my own with no restriction from his side for what I thank him. Even if I was free in painting I made sure that the thief and the warrior on the cover were nearly the same like on the illustrations from OneDraw so they are with a distinctive design. I thought the dragon should be very tall and powerful- he is an old one with a big treasure... and very angry... I didn´t want the classical dark dungeon in grey or blue shades so I decided to use green shades, corresponding to the yellow treasure. Therefore, the cloak of the wizard was complementary red. He looks also very very angry but I´m not sure that he will win, what do you think?

Matthias Catrein 11th May 2010